About Writing Online and this website

Writing Online: Rhetoric for the Digital Age explains how digital rhetoric differs from previous (oral and literate) rhetorical practices by showing you how to design and code a dynamic, interactive, data-based website. The book also explains how best to write for electronic delivery and how to think in digital ways.

This website is not a digital version of Writing Online. It demonstrates the differences between digital and paper-based communications practices. It also offers you code you can copy, paste, and ponder. What's here will get you started thinking like a digital rhetor.

Under Sections you will find examples of digital rhetoric. Under Designs+ and Menus+ you will find code you can modify to learn from. The examples under Designs+ and Menus are coded for clarity, so when you reveal the code you should be ok with figuring out how to copy and paste and modify, but as a consequence when you click on such a link a new tab opens and it will look like you left the site. For the PHP examples, found mostly under the Chapters+ heading, I've printed the code on the screen so you don't have to reveal the source code. You can copy and paste directly. I've done the PHP that way because you can't see PHP script by revealing source code. Its magic happens on the server and what it prints to your screen is just HTML and CSS. I've not printed the CSS and HTML examples on the surface of the site, forcing you to reveal the source code, so you will accustom yourself to reading code. The Glossary is a handy reference for acronyms and technical terms. The Syllabus is for both teachers who might want to build a class out of the book and for self-directed students who want to structure their learning.